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A recent search for the Top 10 resource websites for fathers who are looking for the right direction

Top 10 resource websites for fathers to explore and improve the lives of their families within their community. As a father, we are providers, and our family looks to us to lead them in the right direction. We must find the correct information to make the most educated decision for our families to thrive in our communities. It can be challenging to find answers to the questions we have. It also can be challenging to ask a valuable question to get a valuable answer. I did the work for you and found ten websites that I know could be valuable during hardships besides calling 911 or your local hospital for emergency medical care, especially during the pandemic. Here are the Top 10 Resource Websites for Fathers, other than this website that you may not have thought of:

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1.) DSHS

DSHS is also known as the Department of Social and Health Services. This website has some serious benefits and DSHS can assist with cash, medical insurance assistance, housing assistance, child support, vocational rehabilitation, adult care, mental health and addiction services, and disability support. Having access to this support may be necessary and undoubtedly essential assistance.

2.) Food Banks

Having access to food is vital. Sometimes people think that someone needs to access the food more than they do, but the truth is I know my local food bank has to resort to dumping the food or feeding the food to pigs because the food starts to rot, so find your local food banks and don’t be afraid to ask for help with getting some food. The following website is a website where you can locate your local food bank.

3.) Shelter

As I write this article it is winter time and 40° outside. If you are new to being In cold weather then I must share with you that long johns can be saver. Assistance like talking to a housing counselor and reporting housing discrimination can be found on this site. Find shelter, stay warm and know your resources!

4.) Support Centers

On this website, you will find community resources, programs for safety supplies and equipment and center-based activities, such as a drop-in center that allows a safe place to find what you need for your family. They provide clothing and equipment, emergency diapers and formula, access to phones, computers, fax machines and copiers, healthy snacks, and free children’s books, and home visiting programs. Access to these community resources can take away a lot of excuses and allow you to take complete control of your life and help improve the life of your child.

5.) Employment

At Work Source, they are now helping customers in person and virtually. WorkSource can help you find your next career or help you find educational opportunities nearest you. You can create your dashboard and a career profile, Which allows other employers to view your expertise. I have access to an all-in-one place when looking for a job. They provide you with resources to help you with your resumes and cover letters. You can search for jobs , and employers can search for you.

6.) Health & Wellness

At Web MD do you can find all you need to know about health-related topics. This site is an excellent resource for parents if their child or even themselves are sick or not feeling well. They even have a symptom checker. I think this is a superb tool they provide. You can give information about the symptoms you or your child may have and understand how to treat the issue.

7.) Fathers Rights & Parenting Education

The Very Well Family website had some very well-thought-out articles. They provide helpful information on technology picking safe activities for the children, and planning fun celebrations for your child. One of the tabs is called healthy kids. This site is where you’ll find information about safety and first aid, immunizations, food and nutrition fitness, and everyday wellness. The site can provide resources for every stage of your child’s life, from trying to conceive and fertility testing to helpful articles on raising teens. Their mission is to support parents through all the stages of pregnancy and parenthood. They are an outstanding and reliable resource for parenting advice.

8.) Community Action Agencies

The Community Action Agencies are a non-profit, government-funded organization created to help low-income families overcome their hardships. The Community Action Agencies offer support to families to help those in the community gain self-sufficiency. In a crisis, they can provide short-term financial assistance with things like paying energy bills, rental assistance, and transportation. They are a trusted resource and have helped so many families in difficult situations.

9.) Gear and Supplies

I am a big believer in supplies an emergency preparedness. On this site they have everything from ammo guns gun cabinets boots clothing fishing boating camping supplies to power equipment and outdoor Recreation products and accessories. If you become a part of their buyers club you get a decent discount on their products. So go browse their website for some great deals on their gear and supplies.

10.) Food Storage

When it comes to emergency preparedness, I think about natural disasters. In the Northwest, we live along “The Ring of Fire” and are overdue for a shift in the earth’s crust. I live in the Northwest, and if one bridge doesn’t survive the earthquake, we will be cut off from our food supply for a long time! Check out Legacy Food Storage.

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