Legacy Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on I start this blog as an attempt to help inspire young men to be the best father to the kids in their lives. There was a Netflix documentary Monogamy Explained that dives deep into understanding humans and the history of Monogamy. Something that stood out to me in... Continue Reading →

Get Your Head Right

Positive Affirmation Photo by Brett Sayles on The human brain is very powerful. Perspective is a motherfucking TRIP. It can have people thinking illogically. Say it with me. I am a genius. I am grateful. I am the best role model. I am a great cook. I am amazingly smart. I can do this.... Continue Reading →

Plan B

One may think I’m talking about the pill for women to prevent them from getting having a baby after you impregnate them. kind of like the oops I had an accident pill. Emergency! Sperm racing to the egg sack. In a way yes I am talking about having an alternative to when shit hits the... Continue Reading →

The power of perception

Perception is a motherfuck Perspective can be defined as a view or prospect. A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. Having the ability to reframe a situation is as skill that can transform your life and the world as you see it. Photo by wendel moretti on

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